Build and scale applications on a fully managed platform

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without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure

without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Build a data infrastructure on Google Cloud to enabling advanced data analytics, machine learning, and scalability.

Google Cloud Platform Services

Cloud Data Warehouse on Google Cloud Platform

Develop a data pipeline to move data from on-premise Data Warehouse or other clouds (AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc) into Google Cloud Platform to build Cloud Data Warehouse (with BigQuery). Design Data Warehouse structure to be able to serve business requirements such as Machine Learning, Dashboard development and Advance Analytics use case.

Data Integration

After Machine Learning process data to get prediction result, the data need to be sent to media channel (SMS, Email, Line, etc) for activation. Data Engineer help in developing Data Integration Pipeline to move the processed data to multiple media channels for activation and automate all processes too

Data Validation

We examine our clients’ current data architecture and provide a performance report with recommendations for steps to enhance data accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, and availability.

Data Cleansing

Develop and set up a service to clean the data from multiple sources. Make the Data Cleansing pipeline to be able to automate the cleansing process and ingest the cleaned data to a destination database

Data Mapping and ID Resolutions

Develop the process to map data between various data sources by defining the common key that exists in every data source (or create the key to map the data if it not exist). Make the ID Resolution table that contains crucial data to develop a custom 360 view

Data Security and PII Data protection

To secure the data stored on Cloud, data need to be protected with encryption. Data Engineer develop the service to protect all data (both sensitive data and non-sensitive data) to ensure that the data cannot access by an unauthorized person. In the case of PII data such as ID Card numbers, Data engineers also develop the service to redact those kinds of data too.