The World’s No. 1 CRM Solution Enables Businesses of All Sizes Grow Faster.

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Improve your lead management. Boost pipeline monitoring. Automate administrative processes and complete more deals faster.

Improve your lead management. Boost pipeline monitoring. Automate administrative processes and complete more deals faster.

Why Salesforce?

Grow business profitability through optimization. Our practice in CRM Strategy looks into measuring and growing ROI in every step of the journey.






companies, both big and small, are growing their business
with Salesforce.


say they have met or exceeded
ROI expectations with

Data strategy

Address to real client needs and stay ahead of the competition by Define your data strategy, develop metrics and KPIs, and get tangible results.

  • Industry analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Salesforce Service

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Cloud-based solutions that empower your team to get more wins, boost productivity, and maintain the pipeline full with qualified leads. With the world’s #1 sales platform, you can sell quicker and smarter

Salesforce Einstein

Automate processes, uncover insights, and grow your company with AI-powered predictions and recommendations. Sales Cloud Einstein analyses your CRM data to learn what separates deals won from deals lost. Then it highlights your top leads and next steps to close.

  • Automates tasks and provides suggested next actions.
  • Built-in intelligence to engage with empathy, increase productivity, and scale customer experiences.

Salesforce Integration With Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 includes a Salesforce connection that allows you to link the two products by importing lead and opportunity data.

  • Viewing offline opportunity stage and lead status changes as Google Analytics events
  • Report won opportunities as Google Analytics eCommerce transactions – model attribution for the original traffic sources that contributed to the offline conversion
  • Create Custom Funnels based on offline and online activity to identify drop off points

Salesforce Integration With Machine Learning

Integrate all data to develop a machine learning model for analyzing lead scores to prioritize and improve operations.To increase retention rates, utilize AI to better analyze customer behaviour and recommend the right product.

Salesforce Service cloud

All-in one customer support app helps business offer personalized service on every Chanel and manage customer support across every channel with the #1 service platform.