Programmatic Advertising as Solution

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We use Display & Video 360 to reach the right audience in the most effective and efficient way

We use Display & Video 360 to reach the right audience in the most effective and efficient way

Why Programmatic?​

At Predictive we help clients reach the right audience in the highest return on investment by analyzing data to select appropriate channels and types of targeting audiences and optimize the budget along with the campaigns.

We offer all necessary services from a single source, both as individual services and an integrated solution for clients to receive maximum benefits.

Operational Analytics Services

Media strategy

We plan how to allocate budget monthly and monitor campaign performance weekly in order to best optimize them. After running the campaign, we plan where and how to optimize in order to gain better achievement. We provide reliable answers through systematic analyses of targeting audiences’ behaviours at the relevant digital touchpoints and the consolidation of the data for evaluation.

Choose meaningful audiences

We acquire user data from a variety of sources, including the user’s browser history and all of the major social media networks where the user provides data directly to investigate the demographics and behavior of the target population
We segment core consumers into personalities that could become potential leads, and we’ll target the ad audience to ensure that the ad reaches the right people, boosting the likelihood of conversion.

Select premium ads placements

We make certain that advertisements are displayed in premium inventories that are consistent with the brand’s identity. We use Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Artificial Intelligence to distribute ads across ad networks that target websites, social networks, online videos, and mobile applications.

Design luxurious creatives

We design immersive creatives that We design immersive creatives that capture audiences’ attention and drive them to the brand’s website.