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The brief

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The challenge

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The solution

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The digital route proved effective because:

  • It was possible to ensure total consistency of messaging on a sensitive topic, across both Spanish and English (their two principle languages).
  • With employees distributed across different countries and environments (for instance the shop floor, on the road, in an office and so on), a digital approach ensured that everyone could be reached.
  • The approach gave people the privacy to privately and honestly explore a sensitive topic, without being influenced by colleagues’ perceptions. Taking the digital approach also meant that people were just one click away from seeking further assistance (from the assistance program) or reporting an issue (to HR).
  • The eWorkouts were punchy and engaging (just 10 minutes long), which helped to ensure high take-up.
  • It was easy to track that 100% of employees had completed the learning and collect real-time feedback.
The impact

After the program, Datamatix's internal all-employee Inclusive Culture Index reported that Finning was:

  • 7% higher than the average for global high-performing organizations.
  • 16% higher than the industry norm.
  • 92% of employees said they felt safe responding appropriately to incidents of harassment after the training. Reporting of non-respectful incidents increased post-program, showing that people felt more confident about calling out behavior.

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