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Think Outside the Inbox. Email Marketing and Automation for More Opens, More Sales.

Don’t let your emails end up in the Trash.

Not seeing any results from your email marketing? You may be leaving your list on snooze – or worse – sending your emails straight to the Junk bin.

At Devsatva, we help you make the most of your email marketing – increasing clicks, traffic, and sales directly from your campaigns. Stop getting buried in the inbox and start making money from your email list.

Email Marketing

Rock-solid email campaigns
that get you clicks


Send engaging emails like

Conversion Tracking

Optimize for opens, clicks,
traffic, and leads.


Get your emails to your
ideal audience.

Increased Sales

Killer email copy that
makes you money.

Why Email Marketing Matters

You don’t send emails just to be left unread. You want your subscribers to take action. So, if you’re simply sending out a dull monthly newsletter, you’re leaving big bucks on the table. Effective email marketing ensures that your emails are made to convert readers into buyers.

  • Make your audience take notice and click on your content every time you pop into their inbox.
  • Are you mastering the power of email? Over 91% of consumers use it. Time to turn your list into a sales-generating machine.
  • Email marketing done right gets you the sky-high Return on Investment you deserve. Make your emails count.

What makes us so skilled?

The success of your email marketing depends on targeting the right audience. That means segmenting the subscribers that are most likely to engage with your content and buy what you’re selling. We do this for you.
Email automation keeps your list hot – without the struggle of manually sending emails day after day. We put a system in place to keep your subscribers engaged, all while saving you time and money.
Never send a dud email again. We’re constantly testing what works, fixing what doesn’t, and optimizing your email campaigns for maximum opens, clicks, and sales.

Email marketing is not obsolete. Most brands just aren’t doing it right.

If you’re tired of having a dead list, it’s time to try something different.

  • No more boring audiences to sleep
  • No more unsubscribes
  • No more dead-end campaigns