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Google Analytics Audit Service: Get Your GA Health Check-up Today!

Are you sure you are using the best of Google Analytics? Do you know a slight change in the placement of code can result in the mismatch in your data? Have you ever witnessed discrepancy in your data in GA and CRM data? Are you using Tag Manager to collect data? We have all the answers for you with our Google Analytics audit service.

We at Devsatva take pride at our expertise in Google Analytics and Tag Manager, it’s implementation, configuration! Let our experts conduct a Google Analytics audit for you and let you know where you need to optimize in your Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Our recent projects

  • Data Collection Accuracy

Tatvic’s scientific methodology helps our clients figure out the flaws in the data collection process using a 12 point parameter set. Our Google Analytics audit figures out the shortcomings in the data collection process and points to exact problems.

Based on these outcomes, we rate each and every client on the parameters against the benchmark and device a measurement plan to improve the accuracy part of the data collection part.

  • Google Analytics Features Usage

Tatvic has partnered a lot of businesses on Google Analytics 360 across industries and basis our experience with working with top brands, we have been able to figure out which feature of Google Analytics is important from business metric’s perspective.

Again our scientific methodology takes into consideration the 15 point parameter set to figure out the tracking opportunities that are missed by the customer.

  • Tracking Opportunities Recommendations

The third part of the exhaustive Google Analytics audit, is the recommendation part. We identify the issues and also put across the solutions to rectify the issues.

This is where our business intelligence and experience comes into picture and we suggest few changes to customer to improve not just Data Collection and Feature Usage of Google Analytics, but also solutions and analysis that can impact their key business metrics.

Know how this product will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.

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