Data Analytics Solutions by Devsatva

Unlock the true potential data analytics solutions for analyzing, measuring and improving the impact of your online as well as offline marketing.

Google Analytics 360
Google Optimize 360
Google Data Studio
Google Tag Manager 360
Google Attribution 360

Devsatva Analytics harnesses the powerful Google Cloud Platform so to provide tools and services across the spectrum of data-driven strategy for marketing right from Data Collection, Data Transformation, Data Analysis, Data Visualization and Data Activation phases of Marketing Analytics.

Get data analytics solutions to enable organizations in meeting and exceeding customer expectations while increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

A/B Testing
Net Promoter Score
Personalized Targeting
Price Based A/B Testing

Maintain the quality and integrity of the data you collect for accurate data analysis with the help of our solutions for precise data collection and preservation.

Campaign Sync
Heat Map Integration
DataLayer Automation Tool

Equip your business with data analytics solutions to gain actionable insights and precise analysis of the unrelenting flow of data  across all customer touch points to connect the dots between multiple channels.

Anomaly Detection
TV Advert Analytics
Customer Persona
Web Dashboards
Excel Dashboards

Organise trainings for your team covering wide topics from high-level data analytics training on implementation to specific tag management with subject matter experts.

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Audit
UX & Design Audit

Data Analytics Solutions for Data Backed Business Decisions

Why leave anything to chance when you can have solid data analytics solutions for more efficient decision making.